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Random Generation

Hey everyone, Ben the GM here. As we kick off our lead up to the big day, I wanted to chat about the core of Roll Me a Story’s random creation. We’ll have more for you as we discuss each individual character and the the world of Caelius and perhaps someday we’ll even drop our recording of the character creation as a bonus episode so you can be a part of all the laughs and goofs as we rolled things out.

But today is just a simple walk through of the basics so when we say our characters were rolled at random, you’ll know just what we mean! I’ve built a series of charts that our PC’s rolled with to determine various features of their characters.

random chart 1
random chart 2

There’s two big things that might jump out at you here. First is some of the numbers. That’s because we gave each player a chance to opt out of 4 races and 2 classes of their choice.

The second thing you’ll notice is a bunch of classes and archetypes that aren’t in the Core Player’s Handbook or Xanathar’s Guide. That’s because it’s all Homebrew. If you’re familiar with @dndhomebrewandart, you have an inkling about the homebrew that will be available to you. As pieces of my group’s longstanding homebrew is randomly rolled for character creation, I’ll be drafting it up and posting it both on this blog, our website, and maybe even for download elsewhere!

On top of what you see above, all these aspects were rolled at random as well, using the charts in the normal Handbook or our own guesswork: Traits, Ideals, Bonds, Flaws, Spells Known, Cantrips Known, Starting Treasure and Wealth, Height, Weight, Eye Color, Skin Color, Gender Spectrum, Sex, and the First Letter of their First and Last names.

You may note that there’s one particular random piece missing from there and that would be Ability Scores, and you’d be right! At our home tables we’ve played random games before and for the most part, we find that randomly rolled ability scores detracts more from the experience than it helps, so we used a point buy instead.

I can’t wait to introduce you to each of the characters that are playing in our first arc and show just how all these random pieces were brought together to make something unique and awesome, but that’ll have to wait until we’re a little closer to the mark.