Roll Me a Story

A randomly rolled DnD podcast

Meet the Characters!

Xirena Vonn, catfolk

art by @nutellarella

Xirena Vonn is a felidae (homebrew catfolk) oracle of waves with the absent minded curse. She studied astronomy at the prestigious Aglionian Institute of Research and Innovation until peering too far into the depths of space left her unable to remember…well, everything. Now, she returns to her home island of Solvino in the hopes of amassing enough wealth to continue her research independently.

Gaya Potter, catfolk

art by @nutellarella

Funny enough, two felidae were rolled at random! :D

16 years old with something to prove, Gaya longs to be more to the world than the Potters’ daughter. In her pursuit, she has found herself trapped in a dark world to be saved by a priest of Palla, a goddess of fate. The young Felidae (catfolk) learns the magical arts and becomes a cleric of the goddess in hopes of changing her own destiny. Adventure is what she seeks, but she may learn quickly that it is not the good time she expected it to be.

Auldrick Khuldrelf, goliath

art by @nutellarella

Auldrick Khuldrelf is a goliath bard of the college of daring champions! He wanders the flying isles, following his love of justice and leaving behind tales of valor and courage. He may not know what awaits him around the bend, but you can be sure he’ll take it in stride…and when you’re nearly 9 feet tall, that’s quite a stride!

Gaya, Xirena, and Auldrick