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Building the World of Caelius

Catan Tiles

Hi! Ben here :)

When we set out to create the stage of Roll Me a Story, we threw out numerous base concepts and picked one: Floating Island Nations around an Ocean Planet. After that was settled, we played a game of Settlers of Catan. This was something I’d done a while back as an experiment. I set up a game of Catan in an unusual shape map. A few others and I played and on each of our turns we would describe our growing civilization.

We would answer all sorts of questions like “What races are common here?” and “What’s the general culture of this age?”. We even had more specific questions about certain times, trade agreements between nations, and everything was predicated on the randomness of the game. Whoever won the Catan game had the civilization that stood at the greatest power in the region.

It worked well when we did it for my home setting so we decided what better way to start a world then with the spice of random chance! So we each got a number of face down tiles and created our own islands in shape, then flipped them and as we discovered our own resources and played we figured out the details of the world and the specific islands within!

Solvino Island

But what does that say about Caelius in general?

Caelius is an ocean planet that has powerful currents of air and magic that move massive floating subcontinents and islands around it as it rotates. The people of the islands know very little about the ocean below that they call the Farsea. Originally, the islands developed separately and their cultures and lifestyles became distinct from one another, but since the islands traveled around the planet and would cross close to each other, people began to move from one island to another.

Long ago, before the inventions that would make crossing between islands easier, the times every few years or decades that brought islands so close that one could literally walk from one to another were greeted with grand festivals and celebrations that persist to this day. Of course, in the modern age, most of the larger islands have ways to get to each other during the parts of the year where the given islands are only relatively close.

Here on Caelius there are 8 particularly large subcontinental islands and a number of smaller islands that host a village’s worth of population. They act as crossroads between the larger subcontinents. The subcontinents lie at different elevations from the Farsea, but often move up and down as well as their typical rotation. (Please pardon my rudimentary drawing)

Caelius Atmosphere

The names of the big 8 subcontinents are: Solvino, Vescevia, Shutakwam, Tagoria, Tethalia, Croix, Asmeno, and Lapestis. We’ll tell you more about these as they come up in the game itself and we visit them! Through the arcs and stories we plan to build and share with you, we hope to show all that Caelius has to offer.