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About Roll Me a Story

Welcome to Roll Me a Story!

We know, there's a hundred thousand actual play podcasts and shows out there, so why listen to ours? We've tried to inject a degree of randomness into our game, more than the dice provide on their own. We've randomly rolled our playable characters and NPCs, but more than that, we've created a setting on the fly! We hope to bring you a story full of rich characters, and with an underlying element of surprise built in.

We're just four friends who love stories and DnD. All of us have grown up telling stories; Ben is a career GM, Laurel has been writing since she was a kid, Aaron is a filmmaker, and Audrey writes and analyzes scripts. We love the game, but more importantly, we love that it allows us to create a narrative together. It felt like a natural next step to share those stories with our friends and peers, and thus, this podcast was born.

Please join us in the world we have created. We can't wait to share our journeys with you!

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